Quick Wins

Code Conversations

Set up a forum where Professionals who Prepare Building plans and Professionals who review building plans can talk

  • An AIA Central Valley Chapter individual member started a program over a decade ago called Code Convesations that brings regional code officials together once a year with Architects.  Conversations range from detailed discussions of code issues to establishing regional consistency in code interpretation.  It has had a major cumulative impact region wide on Permit Streamlining. For more on this story, see the whitepaper here:    Building a Public Private Partnership AIACV WhitePaper  This program was started over a decade ago by MFMalinowski AIA, and has resulted in increased consistency between regional code jurisdictions, greater cooperation and incrased customer service, and a year round willingness to work together in getting to success.  For more information, contact MFMalinowski AIA here.

Establish – and Publish on the Web – Permit Processing Benchmarks

  • Simply setting a goal, and then tracking how long permit processing is taking, and putting the information in a place where it is public – can help improve the process by creates a ‘feedback loop’

Start a PreQualification Program

  • A partnership between an AIA Component and a local building jurisdiction can be a win win for the community, the profession, and the building Department.  See more here: http://boldone.com/permitstreamline/?page_id=229  

Invite a Guest Speaker or Consultant to talk about the benefits of Permit Streamlining

  • Michael Malinowski AIA recently gave a presentation to the AIA Redwood Empire Chapter, at a meeting where guests included local City and County permit and Economic Development Officials.  The result was establishment of a task force with focused objectives for permit streamlining success
  • Robert Wible consults with building jurisidictions across the country on permit streamlining; more here:  http://www.natlpartnerstreamline.org/rwa.php
  • A network of Professionals from around the country that are working on Permit Streamlining is coalescing: drop a note if you’re interested in participating or need a referral.

 The Huddle: Permit in a Day