High Performance Permit Processing

Core Permit Processing is defined here as the Technical ability to conduct plan intake, plan check review, process permits, conduct field inspections for conformance with approved plans, and issue final and certificate of occupancy for project.

High Performance Permit Processing: What Does that Look Like?

Six key areas define High Performance Permit Processing.  There are wide variations in the tens of thousands of jurisdictions across the US in how they might compare to this ‘vision’ of what the ideal might look like.

Customer Orientation

  1. Getting past the ‘counter’ as a dividing line
  2. Act as if Choice is part of the equation
  3. Everyone has “Skin in the Game”
  4. Repect  and courtesy: Words matter
  5. All customers are important; but no two customers are the same
  6. Willingness to invest time to save time (presubmittal meetings)
  7. Avoiding “Full Cost Recovery” – no time or cost budget – “whatever”


  1. Can customers tell what’s going on? Timelines thru each handoff/stop; bottlenecks; history
  2. Are Records  on line? (permits, inspections, planning apps, AMMRS, forms, policies, FAQ’s, people, contractors
  3. Are there are variety of channels to engage and communicate between staff and customers?


  1. With customers, stakeholders such as Design professionals, developers, contractors, community at large
  2. With other jurisdictions.  Sharing Information, policies, handouts, and open to more
  3. With Economic development
  4. With ‘contract partners’ : maintaining the balance.  For example Checkers, Expediters, process managers, etc

 Problem Solving

  1. Forward thinking
  2. Invest in training
  3. Support  robust communication and positive culture
  4. Invest in code application, development and interpretation
  5. Push the envelope; look outside the box


  1. Internal consistency: between plan check and field inspection
  2. Regional consistency: leadership in KISS: Keeping it as Simple as Possible
  3. National consistency: Using the Model Codes

Big Picture

  1. How permit processing affects community as a whole
  2. Innovation
  3. Technology
  4. Moving forward: constant evolution and development

How Does your Jurisdiction Look through this lens?

The Concept of One Stop Shop Permits

Score your Jurisdiction in a Minute


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