The PASS program provides a more efficient and effective plan review process by implementing a clear and concise set of standards for document content and organization. Implementation of this program requires only minor adjustments for both public and private sector in their internal processes.  It is completely voluntary.

The Program provides significant benefits in time and money savings for the Jurisdiction, Design Professionals, and the Development and Construction community.  The public benefits from increased investment in high performance buildings and spaces that meet current high standards for energy savings, sustainability, and design.  The program also enhances the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program save time and money?  

By creating a clear set of voluntary document standards that allow for more efficient plan review, the participating jurisdictions will be able to do their jobs more efficiently, saving time and money.  The participating design professionals will have a faster and more predictable plan review experience.  The Development and Construction Community will save time and money, and enjoy more consistent code interpretation and application.

Added benefits accrue to the Community at large: increased economic development, including new investments in the shaping of a high performance buildings and spaces that meet current high level energy, sustainability and design standards.

Participants attend a half day class and pass a test, at which point they are added to a registry of pre-qualified PASS participants.  There will be Classes for annual updates, as well as classes that expand the applicability of construction types.  The initial program is designed to address Tenant Improvement projects (no added building area) in all adopting jurisdictions; and additional Small Commercial projects in some adopting jurisdictions.

Does this program require any changes in roles and responsibilities for either the public or private sector?

No changes in roles and responsibilities for either public sector or private sector participants is required to implement this program.

How complex is the program?

How complex is the program?

The program is based on establishing simple minimum requirements, maintaining the flexibility to allow design professionals to continue using their preferred approaches to preparation of their documents.  The PASS training offers a variety of specific examples that were selected by a consensus model to illustrate both PASS compliant approach, as well as optional ‘best practice’ aspirational approaches

Will this program have any impact on the processes used by either jurisdictions or Design Professionals to protect the public health safety and welfare?

The program will increase the effectiveness of the plan review process due to increased efficiency, consistency and clarity, and thus it will actually increase the protection offered by both Public sector participants as well as private sector participants


Will there be increases in costs for plan review by participating jurisdictions?

Since this program increases efficiency, it will not result in any fee increases.


Does this program replace any existing programs?

How this program is implemented may vary by jurisdiction, provided that adherence to the minimum standards is included in the process.  It was not designed to replace or compete with any other program.


Who will manage the program?

PASS was developed by a group of Building Officials and Design Professionals using a consensus model, and it included their respective professional organizations (SVABO and AIACV).  Day to day operation of PASS reviews are managed by participating jurisdictions.  The Streamline Institute is a 501c3 non profit that manages PASS, including coordinating between design professionals, building officials, and interested parties

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